Wendy and Lucy – Just a girl and her dog

Wendy and Luncy (2008, Kelly Reichardt) After twenty three years of anticipation, a rainforests worth of scripts bouncing off the desks of directors such as Terry Gilliam and Darren Aronofsky and months of carefully positioned marketing campaigns, finally the predetermined cult classic Watchmen has hit cinemas. Making $55.2 million in North America alone on its… Continue reading Wendy and Lucy – Just a girl and her dog

Lilya 4-Ever – Entertainment Vs Education in film

Lilya 4-Ever (Moodysson, 2002) I first saw this film in a lecture whilst studying film at the University of Portsmouth. It was nine o’clock on a Friday morning and we were all sat in our assigned seats in the underground screening theatre. However, instead of pressing play on this week’s installment of Contemporary European Directors,… Continue reading Lilya 4-Ever – Entertainment Vs Education in film

A Clockwork Orange – Book Review

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess Anthony Burgess didn’t like the film. He believed it to be an unnecessary exploitation of a novel that was hardly his most proud work. So suspend all Kubric induced images for a moment and allow ‘Clockwork Orange’ to exist as it should be remembered, a brilliant novel. Set in… Continue reading A Clockwork Orange – Book Review

Changing the World One Story at a Time…

This week I found myself at a talk by Johnathon Darby, development executive at Participant Media, a company that I was quite unaware of prior to this talk. It turns out that they are the brains behind some pretty huge recent Hollywood releases, such as The Soloist and The Informant, but more importantly, The Cove,… Continue reading Changing the World One Story at a Time…

Confessions of a Screenwriter…. (cough)

Driving down the M5 at half seven this morning, I was feeling pretty nervous. It was my first time attending the Screenwriter’s Festival, and my habitual cynicism had already enforced some pretty severe assumptions about the event. I am 21, I have only ever completed one script in my life and I have a Bristonian… Continue reading Confessions of a Screenwriter…. (cough)

A touch of fate?

So… in the last few posts I’ve been toying with the idea of making an environmental documentary. And since I’m a massive believer in fate, seeing Pete Postlethwaite (star of massive climate documentary The Age of Stupid) at New Street Station on friday has convinced me… However I have a bit of an issue. I… Continue reading A touch of fate?